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We would like to inform you about Blythe dolls from our company.
We prepared a special form and a guide page about the flow of customer service. Please look at the information bellow.

Opinions and requests regarding Blythe

    For Opinions and requests regarding Blythe, please use a special form here

    . Every opinion will be regarded as important and shared inside our company. We will share the answers on GSC Blythe official Twitter or FAQ page if it’s available. All inquiries we receive through this form will be transferred to the branches in charge. However, we are afraid we are not able to answer them by e-mail individually.

Defect report about Blythe from our company

If you find a defect or are unhappy with your purchase, please check support guide , contact the Customer Support team here.

FAQ about Blythe from our company

    We are currently preparing for the release of FAQ page. Please give us a little more time for opening