Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to various questions that support often recieves.
Please take a look through this before contacting us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Regarding Product Information

Where can I get the latest information about your products?

There are many ways to get the latest information about our products and news about us.
Please check the links below for official product information and more:

Good Smile Website (English):
Good Smile English Facebook Page:
Good Smile French Facebook Page:
Nendoroid Official Website (English):
Figma Official Website (Japanese):
GSC Lab (Japanese Blog):

More blog-style information:
GSC Kahotan’s Blog (English translation of Kahotan’s Japanese blog):
Mamitan’s Blog (Official Good Smile English blog run by the Good Smile USA Team!):
Mamitan’s Twitter: @gsc_mamitan
Maritan’s Blog (The Official Good Smile French Blog):
Maritan’s Twitter: @gsc_maritan

Where can I see your figures on display?

We are participating in many hobby events around the world, where you can take a look at our latest releases and have a nice chat with our staff. Please find more information on the event information page. You can also head to your nearest Good Smile Partner Shop and take a look at our products there.

Questions Regarding Purchasing Our Products

How can I purchase your figures?

You can purchase our products from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP or any official Good Smile Partner Shop.

Some of your products are not available in my country for sale. Why?

Some products are not available in certain countries due to licensing, production or customs issues. It is also possible that you may not be able to find older products as they are manufactured in limited quantities.

I saw a new product at an event. When will it go on sale?

We cannot respond to inquiries regarding items that have not been officially announced.
But please feel free to post your thoughts on our Facebook pages!

Will XXX be rereleased?

Products are considered for rerelease when there is enough demand for them; however we cannot respond to all queries about which products are being considered. Either way, please feel free to let us know which products you want rereleased by posting on one of our Facebook pages!

I would like to know when the figure I have preordered will be released?

Please take a look at the Japan Release Information Page for more information about the release schedule of our products.
Note these are the dates for items within Japan, and issues may cause international releases to be delayed.

I have a query regarding my order from the online shop?

Please send any queries regarding the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP to

Questions Regarding Figure Quality

Do you have any special recommendations when swapping figures parts?

Materials used for figures often stiffen in cold weather, which can cause problems when detaching and attaching different parts. Please read this article for more information:

My product’s packaging has been damaged.

The packaging is designed to protect the product itself, and unfortunately we will not offer a replacement unless the product itself is damaged or defective.

My product is missing certain parts.

Please contact customer support with more details

I noticed a defect in a product I bought some time ago.

When stock of a particular product has been depleted, we are unfortunately no longer able to offer support for that particular product. Many products distributed by Good Smile Company have already reached this stage. Please contact customer support if you are unsure whether or not the product is still available.

What is a bootleg figure?

A bootleg figure is a copied figure of poorer quality, made or sold illegally without permission of Good Smile Company or the legal trademark holder. They are also called fake figures, fake products, or counterfeit figures. Some bootleg figures have no similarity with any official figures but still illicitly make use of the manufacturer logo or trademarks. Good Smile is against any bootleg products and cannot offer any support for them. You can find more information on our bootleg warning page here:

How can I know if the figure I bought/I intend to buy is an official product or a bootleg?

The GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP is the safest place for you to preorder/purchase our products, but you can also look for our Official Partner Shops. All official Good Smile Partner Shops should only offer official Good Smile products. If you believe a Partner Shop is selling bootleg products, please report it by sending an email to our customer support team.

You can also buy directly from us at the various events we participate in. Please find more information on the event information page. You can also take a look at our bootleg warning page. Finally, most of our figures have stickers on the bottom-back of their packaging mentioning the name/logo of the local distributor. Please take a look at the official distributor list.

Questions Regarding Customer Support

Why are you not responding to my email?

Be sure to set your spam filter to allow mail from '' and ''. If you receive email on your phone, be sure to allow it to receive mail sent from a computer.

I was asked to send a product into support, when can I expect it back?

If you are asked to send a product to our support team, we will normally replace or return it to you in approximately one week of reception.

  • Please note that delivery times vary between different regions.
  • In peak periods such as after New Year's or long holiday periods, the return timeframe may be longer than usual.

Questions Regarding Distribution of Our Products