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Information on how to identify bootleg figures.
Note that support cannot help you with bootleg figures.

Bootleg Warning: Kogitsunemaru (Max Factory)


There are currently bootleg versions of Max Factory’s Kogitsunemaru being sold on online auction and marketplace websites.

These bootleg figures are made illegally based off the original versions without permission from Good Smile Company, and hence we unfortunately cannot offer any support for these bootleg figures. There are also many cases where these bootleg figures still feature the official logos of Good Smile Company or the companies we distribute for, however these logos are also not used with any permission. Always take care when buying goods online.

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– Note –
Below is one example of a bootleg figure, please note that is is only one possibility. You should always be on the look out for anything suspicious. Also note that there can be bootlegs of various figures, not just the examples shown on this website.


The packaging of the bootleg version differs completely from the official product. 

Bootleg Warning: Kogitsunemaru (Max Factory)

Figure: Mouth

The mouth on the official product has red paintwork around the mouth. The bootleg version is unpainted.

Bootleg Warning: Kogitsunemaru (Max Factory)

Figure: Sword Symbol on Chest

The official product has an intricate sword symbol in this area which is often not included on the bootleg product.

Bootleg Warning: Kogitsunemaru (Max Factory)

Figure: Hakama

The hakama on the official product has been clearly painted a different color on the opening. The bootleg version is all a single, flat color.

Bootleg Warning: Kogitsunemaru (Max Factory)

Figure: Inside of Hakama

The official product correctly has a division between the legs. The bootleg product is open.

Bootleg Warning: Kogitsunemaru (Max Factory)

Figure: Feet

The official product has a clear distinction between the shoes and socks. The bootleg version has poor distinctions.

Bootleg Warning: Kogitsunemaru (Max Factory)

Base: Design

The official product has a specially designed base. The bootleg version often has a simple clear base. 

Bootleg Warning: Kogitsunemaru (Max Factory)

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